ISSUE 8IGHT: Sleep & Restoration

ISSUE 8IGHT: Sleep & Restoration

Stop the madness for just a second. It’s time for a reset. Time to put as much preparation into the night as day. As the pace of our surroundings quickens, we tend to cut corners just to keep up. Now’s not the time to skim the surface and convince ourselves that we dove deep. Now’s not the time to survive doing the bare minimum.

Issue 8 is about balancing and recovering from life, both passively and proactively. We’re digging through the top layer to uncover what really happens to our bodies, minds, skin; our government, cities, and our relationships when we stop paying attention-- and what can happen when we get it right.

In this issue, we explore the idea of sleep from several angles. Our budding network of professionals weigh in on food, sleeping patterns and best practices for better sleep and digestion. Our feature stories include an expose on the softer side of patriarchy as prominent men in our community speak shifting lanes within society's demands. Graced by the presence of Olympian and the fastest living woman in the world Carmelita Jeter as our cover model, this issue is about the rest necessary to become the best.

We meditate for an hour and think about nothing but deadlines, clients, our families, politics, money. We go to the gym and hardly break a sweat. We say we’re tuned into the conversation, but are just waiting for our turn to speak. We’re a generation of half-assers, convinced that we’re doing the most. It’s high time that we redefine what these words mean to us: rest, sleep, meditation, therapy, healing, work, wake, woke, awaken.

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